26 March 2009

Hey, remember that tax cut we were promised?

...I knew we weren't gonna get it either...

Ok, raise your hands if you figured that with all the deficits that Obambi is creating with his prolifigate spending that the "tax cuts on 95% of working families" was like all his other promises on the campaign trail...they had an expiration date? Like former President Clinton, who also promised a middle class tax cut, Obama will have no other choice but to renege on his promise and take back that tax cut of $13 a week until the end of the year, to pay for his one man spending spree. I say after this, no other Democrat will be able to credibly express outrage at any Republican president who ended their terms with deficits. Democrats would also like for us to forget that tax cuts did aid in economic recovery after former President Carter left President Reagan a recession (I bet you thought that only Republicans left stuff for Democrats to clean up...). It is true that combined with an increase in domestic spending, Reagan's economic plan did very little to control the deficit. Former President Bush recently claimed that because of the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, that the nation enjoyed 52 months of economic growth, while Democrats were charging that these cuts did nothing to help the economy...

I continue to state that those who ardently defend Obama's policies, in light of his incompetence, by pointing at Republican use of filibusters or Rush Limbaugh, are embarrassed at the notion that they all got drunk on the "hopenchange" rhetoric and threw their common sense to the four winds. The New York Times would like to focus on the POTUS being seen around Washington, and applaud his willingness to indulge in ever changing priorities, as him being ambitious. Some of those who are sobering up from getting inebriated on the Obama Kool-Aid are realizing that through all the high-falutin' mantras, Obama's a mere lightweight (I do remember saying that a few times throughout the campaign). It's not just on economic policy where Obama's being seen as in over his head, his snubbery of our allies abroad is yet another indicator. h/t: Ann Coulter and Elisabeth Meinecke

The Obamedia yawns as this incompetence continues, and chooses instead to focus on the lie that all Republicans are doing is offering obstruction and nothing constructive to debates. Of course Republicans are offering alternatives, but the Democratic majority, instead, would like to remind them that "elections have consequences" and Democrats control the agenda. Beginning with the debate over Iraq, liberals charged that former President Bush had alienated our allies abroad, despite the fact he went to the UN before US forces were sent to Iraq, and due to UN obstruction, Bush formed a coalition of his own. They [Democrats] told us that when elected, they would repair the relations that were destroyed by the Bushites (they also promised to lower gas prices, but it was the lifting of the executive order by Bush and the global recession...). So far, this is the only promise that Obamessiah has kept, he has repaired them, to the point that we are the laughing stock we were under President Clinton.

Each time he has extended his hand under the misguided notion of "talking to our enemies," President Obama's been ridiculed, not only by conservatives, but by the very people he's trying to bring to our side. One would think that a man who is regarded as "brilliant" by his acolytes, he would understand that diplomacy doesn't work with people who are hellbent on destroying you. The incompetence shown by President Obama gives the GOP a great opportunity, and they should use it, if they want to continue to be electorally viable.

It's not enough for us to critique Obamessiah. We, like congressional Republicans, have to offer viable alternatives to those policies we believe are wrong. At least one campaign commercial idea has been created by Ace, at Ace of Spades HQ, conservatives must offer someone in the campaign of 2012, who can effectively articulate conservative policies and explain why liberalism has gotten us to the perilous state we are now. If we choose not to do this, then liberals will lie or project their beliefs about conservatives (I should mention, that unlike Glenn Greenwald's belief, there were ample conservatives who opposed Bush policy when they went against conservative core beliefs...perhaps Greenwald and liberals were too busy lying to notice).

Have a great day...

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